Thoughts from Cheng

Business plan for recycling and job creation.

Thoughts from Cheng

Postby H. Timothy Hsiao » Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:37 pm

Quoting Cheng:
"... I looked at the links Tim sent briefly, but I feel we need more basic information to understand the basic economics of the recycling business.

From my understanding, there are two sides of the problem. One is how much economic value we can generate from the recycled products. We could start from some most commonly reusable things and check out the local capability or what the businesses around the area that could do. We need to gather more information on this end first.

The other key issue is the collection of the recyclable material. From my personal knowledge, in many developing countries, there usually is a big community of garbage collectors. So if we could help the local community to set up some really easy to follow rules to separate wastes, it might be easy and cheap to implement recycling. Of course we need the revenue expectation from the first part to understand how much financial incentive we can provide for the collectors.

In both setting up the recycling business and in organizing collectors, there's a great potential to create jobs and clean up the local communities. I remember reading something about how Brazil did this before, but haven't found the literature yet.

Jade, I think we should meet up some time to organize our ideas and create a basic work plan. I think once we lay out a basic roadmap, we can then ask Emanuel to try look for data. What do you guys think?

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