A structure for Project 4?

Business plan for recycling and job creation.

A structure for Project 4?

Postby H. Timothy Hsiao » Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:12 pm

Hi Project 4 investigators,

there is a "new venture" framework we could probably stat with:

(1) Why? Goal? Objectives?
(2) Current & Future Markets -
- Size/Growth Rate/ Life Cycle (Emerging, Mature, Decline)
- Customers / Segmentation
- Technology (Role, and how quickly it changes?)
- Competition (Current landscape, market share, and competitive response)
- Product/Service Differentiation.
- Our price/cost?
- Substitution?
- Barriers to entry? (e.g. capital requirement, access to distribution channels, proprietary technology or product, government policy)
- Barriers to exit? What to do if the market turn sour?
- Risk? (potential changes in market, regulation, technology?)
(3) Decide whether to enter the market. If yes, go to (4)
(4) How to start the venture / enter the market? : start from scratch? Partnership with existing players? Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis on each option.
(5) Look from a VC point of view:
Market & Strategic Plans
Distribution Channels

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