transition from the "background" to "solution" phase

Increase utility rate of bio-sand water filters in villages.

transition from the "background" to "solution" phase

Postby H. Timothy Hsiao » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:09 pm

Hey all,

We've learned a lot about the filters!
Meanwhile, as in many developmental initiatives, two issues come up:
(1) how to communicate the "known" benefits (the widely accepted facts in the developed world) to the residents in the developing communities so they appreciate the benefit also and will be willing/desiring the pursue the benefits?
(2) how to help the developing communities adopt existing technologies (e.g. BSF, or others) considering the communities' constraints (e.g. knowledge for operation and lack of expenditure for purchase and distribution)?

How do we find "actionable" solutions for the challenges?

*Our goal is to find the solutions for the client. There could be existing knowledge we could tap on, or existing solutions which could be applied to the client. I'd like to share some that I found on the web.
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