Implementation Research in "solution" phase

Increase utility rate of bio-sand water filters in villages.

Implementation Research in "solution" phase

Postby H. Timothy Hsiao » Tue Apr 05, 2011 12:48 pm

I just learned that this is under a general field called "Implementation Research."

I tried to identify several goals (with some tentative options for solutions) for our "action phase":
1) Communicate how cleaner water would practically improve the villagers (and their off springs)'s health and future (need to associate scientific facts with users' personal concerns and experiences):

1-1> Can we possibly find or compose a concise advertising sheet summarizing how poor quality of water has seriously hurt the villagers' families' current health and future prospects? (General for water quality, not limited to BSF treated water.)

1-2> Can we find or design a questionnaire for motivational interviewing to enhance adoption and the desire/affirmation of the benefits of better quality water? (General for water quality)

1-3> Communicate how much BSF can help improve water quality.

1-3> Translate the info sheet and questionnaire into Creole?

2) Compare community solutions which promise a sustainable source of cleaner water:
BSF (by subsidy/charity) v.s Community Water Solution (CWS)'s centralized treatment and for-profit model?
Can CWS's success be transplanted to DR?

Would appreciate your inputs!!
H. Timothy Hsiao
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